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Figure 7-37
Parameters of the creditroll.class
The background color of the applet window, expressed as a hexadecimal color value
The text in the applet window fades in and out as it scrolls; this parameter sets the
size of the area in which the text fades (in pixels)
The color value of the text in the applet window
The font used for the scrolling text in the applet window
text x
Each line of text in the applet window requires a separate text x parameter, where
x is the line number; for example, the parameter text1 sets the text for the first line
in the applet window, text2 sets the text for the second line in the applet window,
and so forth
Specifies the Web page that is opened if the applet window is clicked
Specifies whether the text in the applet window is repeated; setting this parameter's
value to yes causes the text to scroll continuously
The speed at which the text scrolls, expressed in milliseconds between each movement
The space between each line of text, in pixels
The point size of the text in the applet window
Maxine would like the credit roll to appear in a 12-point white font on a brown back-
ground. She suggests setting the speed of the scrolling to 100, which is 100 milliseconds or
1/10 of a second between each movement of the text. She wants 3 pixels of space between
each line of text and a fadezone value of 20 pixels. The scrolling should run continuously.
Add these parameters and values to the object code for the CreditRoll applet.
To insert the parameters for the CreditRoll applet:
1. Add the following parameters directly above the text for the cast list to set the
font style of the scrolling text:
<param name=”fontsize” value=”12” />
<param name=”bgcolor” value=”A27029” />
<param name=”textcolor” value=”FFFFFF” />
2. Add the following parameters to set the scrolling speed, the space between the
lines of text, and the size of the fadezone:
<param name=”speed” value=”100” />
<param name=”vspace” value=”3” />
<param name=”fadezone” value=”20” />
3. Finally, set the CreditRoll applet to repeatedly scroll the text without stopping by
adding the following parameter, as shown in Figure 7-38:
<param name=”repeat” value=”yes” />
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