HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
To embed the Java applet:
1. Return to the jumbo.htm file in your text editor, and then scroll up to the para-
graph listing the cast members.
2. Directly above the cast list within the paragraph, insert the following code for the
object element:
<object type=”application/x-java-applet”
width=”250” height=”250”>
<param name=”code” value=”CreditRoll.class” />
3. After the cast list, insert the closing </object> tag. Figure 7-36 highlights the
newly inserted code.
Figure 7-36
Object element for java applet
Java MIME type
class file containin g
Java applet
4. Save your changes to the file.
Notice that you kept the cast list that Maxine previously entered in this document
nested within the object element. If this page is opened by a browser that does not sup-
port Java, the browser will ignore the object and param elements but will still display
the abbreviated cast list.
Inserting Java Parameters
The CreditRoll applet contains several parameters that define the text being scrolled,
the speed of the scrolling, and the font and background styles. Figure 7-37 describes the
parameters used by the CreditRoll applet.
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