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Figure 5-19
Marking the table head and table body row groups
table head row group
table body row group
Marking Column Groups
As you've seen, there is no HTML tag to mark table columns—the columns are created
implicitly from the number of cells within each row. However, once browsers determine
the columns, you can reference the columns through the use of column groups. Column
groups give you the ability to assign a common format to all of the cells within a given
column. Column groups are defi ned using the colgroup element
where columns are the individual columns with the group. The columns themselves are
referenced using the following col element:
<col />
Once you create a column group, you can add id or class attributes to identify or
classify individual columns. For example, the following code creates a column group
consisting of three columns, each with a different class name:
<col class=”column1” />
<col class=”column2” />
<col class=”column3” />
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