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The browser applies any style specifi ed for the col element to cells within the cor-
responding column in the Web table. Thus, to style these three columns with different
background colors, you could apply the following style rules:
col.column1 {background-color: red;}
col.column2 {background-color: blue;}
col.column3 {background-color: yellow;}
In this example, browsers would display the fi rst table column with a background
color of red, the second with blue, and the third with yellow. Note that not all CSS styles
can be applied to table columns. You'll explore column styles in more detail in the next
The col element also supports the span attribute, allowing a column reference to
cover several table columns. The syntax of the span attribute is
<col span=” value ” />
where value is the number of columns spanned by the col element. Thus, the column
<col class=”column1” />
<col class=”nextColumns” span=”2” />
references a group of three columns; the fi rst column belongs to the column1 class and
the next two columns belong to the nextColumns class. Note that you also can apply the
span attribute to a column group itself. The following code uses two column groups to
also reference three columns, the fi rst belonging to the column1 class and the last two
belonging to the nextColumns class:
<colgroup class=”column1”></colgroup>
<colgroup class=”nextColumns” span=”2”></colgroup>
Notice that in this case there are no col elements within the column group. Browsers
will assume the number of columns indicated by the span attribute; if no span attribute
is present, a column group is assumed to have only one column.
The total number of
columns spanned by the
col elements must match
the total number of col-
umns in the Web table.
Creating Column Groups
• To create a column group, add the element
to the Web table, where columns are col elements representing individual columns
within the group.
• To define a column or columns within a column group, use the col element
<col span=” value ” />
where value is the number of defined columns. The span attribute is not required if
only one column is defined.
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