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To span several table rows:
1. Return to the schedule.htm file in your text editor and add the following row to
the bottom of the schedule table:
<td rowspan=”2”>Opera Fest</td>
<td rowspan=”2”>Radio U</td>
<td rowspan=”2”>Science Week</td>
<td rowspan=”2”>The Living World</td>
<td>Word Play</td>
<td rowspan=”2”>Folk Fest</td>
2. Add the following code for the next row, which adds table cells only for the two
programs that start at 7:30:
<td>Brain Stew</td>
<td>Bismarck Forum</td>
Figure 5-13 shows the code for the two new table rows.
Figure 5-13
Inserting cells that span two rows
cells span two r ows
3. Save your changes to the file, and then refresh the schedule.htm file in your Web
browser. As shown in Figure 5-14, the Sunday through Thursday 7:00 p.m. pro-
grams span two table rows, indicating that they last an hour.
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