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Figure 5-14
Schedule table with several one-hour programs spanning two rows
cells span two rows
The fi nal part of the evening schedule includes the program The Classical Musical
Connection, which spans two hours on Monday through Thursday. Like the news pro-
grams, you don't want to repeat the name of the show each day; and like the fi ve hour-
long programs you just entered, you don't want to repeat the name of the show in each
half-hour cell. Kyle suggests that you use both the colspan and rowspan attributes to
create a table cell that spans four rows and four columns.
Other programs in the 8:00 to 10:00 time slots, such as Saturday Nite Jazz and The
Indie Connection, also span four rows, but only one column. The last program aired
before KPAF signs off is the World News Feed, which is played every night from 10:00 to
10:30. You'll add these and the other late evening programs to the schedule table now.
To add the remaining KPAF evening programs:
1. Return to the schedule.htm file in your text editor and enter the following table
row for programs airing starting at 8:00:
<td rowspan=”4” colspan=”4”>The Classical Music Connection</td>
<td>Old Time Radio</td>
<td rowspan=”4”>Saturday Nite Jazz</td>
<td rowspan=”4”>The Indie Connection</td>
2. The Inner Mind is the only program that starts at 8:30 during the week. Add the
8:30 starting time and the program listing to the table using the following row:
<td>The Inner Mind</td>
3. The only program that starts at 9:00 is Open Mike Nite. Add the following row to
the table to display this program in the schedule:
<td rowspan=”2”>Open Mike Nite</td>
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