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F IGURE 23.4
The Openwave UP.SDK WAP Toolkit.
Application Servers
Many popular application server products now include support for both Java servlets and WAP.
These include BEA WebLogic ( ), Allaire's JRun
( ), and the open source Enhydra Java/XML application server
( ). Some of these products include special server classes to generate
WML output whereas others use an XML “foundation” to distribute content to a variety of
devices (HTML, WML, XHTML, and so forth).
Suggested Resources
A list of leading technical resources for the wireless application developer follows. Most of
these sites also have extensive links directories, so spending a few minutes perusing these sites
will provide you with an excellent introduction to the wireless world.
Wireless Developer Network ( ) —Online portal for
developers and IT professionals interested in mobile computing and wireless communi-
Cellmania ( ) —Large directory of WAP sites, tutorials, and
articles on the wireless world ( ) —Developer site devoted to
WML/WMLScript programming
Wireless Week ( ) —Leading industry trade magazine
AllNetDevices ( ) —News and commentary on hand-
held, mobile, and wireless devices ( ) —WAP search engine and online emulator
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