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F IGURE 23.3
The WinWAP Browser.
Note that this browser attempts to emulate the “look-and-feel” of standard Web browsers; in no
way will it emulate what your users will see on their devices. WinWAP is a useful tool for
“surfing” the wireless Web from your desktop, but be sure to test your site on other emulators
as well. For the remainder of this chapter and the next, we will use WinWAP to demonstrate
Emulators and Developer Tools
Full-fledged development toolkits are available from leading wireless companies such as
Motorola, Openwave (formerly, and Nokia. These toolkits include several useful
emulators along with powerful editing environments and documentation. Figure 23.4 shows the
Openwave UP.SDK tool.
PDA WAP Browsers
If you are interested in accessing WAP content from your PalmOS device, you are in luck!
Currently, several companies have developed WML browsers for the Palm Computing
Platform. Of course, to actually use the browsers, you will need a network connection (either
wired or wireless). For more information on browsing from your PalmOS device, check out
these tools: WAPMan Color ( ), the Neomar WAP Browser
( ), and the 4thPass KBrowser ( ).
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