HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Creates a region of nonbreaking text
Attributes None
</nobr> ; always used
End tag
Used in
The current browsers offer the <nobr> tag alternative to <pre> , which
keeps enclosed text intact on a single line while retaining normal text
style. [*] <nobr> makes the browser treat the tag's contents as though
they are a single, unbroken word. The tag contents retain the current
font style, and you can change to another style within the tag.
[*] Be aware that <nobr> and its colleague <wbr> are extensions to the language and not part of the
HTML standard.
Here's the <nobr> tag in action with our computer-command example:
When prompted by the computer, enter
<tt>find . -name \*.html -exec rm \{\}\;</tt>.
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