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<nobr>After a few moments, the load on your server will begin
to diminish and will eventually drop to zero.</nobr>
Notice in the example source and its display ( Figure 4-16 ) that we've
included the special <tt> tag inside the first <nobr> tag, thereby render-
ing the contents in monospaced font. If the <nobr> -tagged text cannot
fit on a partially filled line of text, the extended browser precedes it with
a line break, as shown in the figure. The second <nobr> segment in the
example demonstrates that the text may extend beyond the right win-
dow boundary if the segment is too long to fit on a single line. For some
reason, Netscape, but not the other popular browsers, fails to provide a
horizontal scroll bar so that users can read the extended text, though.
[ The <tt> Tag, 4.5.10 ]
Figure 4-16. The <nobr> extension suppresses text
wrapping; for reasons unknown, Netscape doesn't
enable a scroll bar so that you can read the extended
The <nobr> tag does not suspend the browser's normal line-filling pro-
cess; it still collects and inserts images andbelieve it or notasserts forced
line breaks caused by the <br> and <p> tags, for example. The <nobr>
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