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4.6.2. The <nobr> Tag (Extension)
Occasionally, you may want a phrase to appear unbroken on a single
line in the user's browser window, even if that means the text extends
beyond the visible region of the window. Computer commands are good
examples. Typically, you type in a computer commandeven a multiword
oneon a single line. Because you cannot predict exactly how many words
will fit inside an individual's browser window, the sequence of computer-
command words may end up broken into two or more lines of text. Com-
mand syntax is confusing enough; it doesn't need the extra cross-eyed
effect of being wrapped onto two lines.
With standard HTML and XHTML, the way to make sure text phrases
stay intact across the browser display is to enclose those segments in a
<pre> tag and format it by hand. That's acceptable and nearly universal
for all browsers. However, <pre> alters the display font from the reg-
ular text, and manual line breaks inside the <pre> tag are not always
rendered correctly. [ <pre>, 4.6.5 ]
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