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Admittedly, this example is a bit dull. Here's a better one that creates a
drop shadow behind a heading:
<layer left=2 top=2>
<h1><font color=gray>Introduction to Kumquat Lore</font></h1>
<layer left=0 top=0>
<h1>Introduction to Kumquat Lore</h1>
Early in the history of man, the kumquat played a vital role in the
formation of religious beliefs. Central to annual harvest celebrations
was the day upon which kumquats ripened. Likened to the sun (<i>
sol</i>), the golden fruit was taken (<i>stisus</i>) from the trees on
the day the sun stood highest in the sky. We carry this day forward
even today, as our summer <i>solstice</i>.
Figure H-9 shows the result. Figure H-10 demonstrates what happens
with layers when viewed with a browser other than Netscape 4.
Figure H-9. Creating drop-shadow effects with multiple
layers (Netscape 4 only)
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