HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure H-10. Internet Explorer doesn't support multiple
We used a few tricks to create the drop-shadow effect for the example
header. Netscape 4 covers layers created earlier in the document with
later layers. Hence, we create the gray shadow first, followed by the
actual heading, so that it appears on top, above the shadow. We also
enclosed these two layers in a separate containing layer. This way, the
shadow and header positions are relative to the containing layer, not
the document itself. The containing layer, lacking an explicit position,
is placed into the document flow as though it were normal content and
winds up where a conventional heading would appear in the document.
Normal content, however, still starts at the top of the document and
could end up behind the fancy heading in our example. To push content
below our layered heading, we include an empty heading (save for a
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