HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Both attributes accept an integer value equal to the number of pixels
offset from the top-left (0,0) edge of the document's display space or, if
nested inside another layer, the containing layer's display space. As with
other document elements whose size or position extends past the edge
of the browser's window, Netscape gives the user scroll bars to access
layered elements outside the current viewing area.
The following is a simple layer example that staggers three words diag-
onally down the displaynot something you can do easily, and certainly
not with the same precision, in conventional HTML:
<layer left=10 top=10>
Upper left!
<layer left=50 top=50>
<layer left=90 top=90>
Lower right!
Figure H-8 shows the result.
Figure H-8. Simple text positioning with the <layer> tag
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