HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
height= n
Set the height, in pixels, of the frame.
Define a name for this tag that is unique to
this document.
id= name
Provide the URL of a document describing
the contents of the frame.
longdesc= url
Place n pixels of space above and below the
frame contents.
marginheight= n
Place n pixels of space to the left and right of
the frame contents.
marginwidth= n
name= name
Define the name of the frame.
Always add scroll bars ( yes ) or never add
scroll bars ( no ).
scrolling= type
Define the URL of the source document for
this frame.
src= url
style= style
Specify an inline style for this tag.
title= string
Specify a title for this tag.
width= n
Set the width, in pixels, of the frame.
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