HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Delimit the beginning and end of the entire
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) docu-
<html> ... </html>
Specify the rendering direction for texteither
left to right ( ltr ) or right to left ( rtl ).
dir= dir
Specify the language used for this tag's con-
tents using a standard two-character ISO
language name.
lang= language
Indicate the HTML version used to create this
version= string
Format the enclosed text in an italic
<i> ... </i>
<iframe> ... </iframe> Define an inline frame.
Set the position of the frame aligned to the
top , center , or bottom of the surrounding
text, or flush against the left or right mar-
gins with subsequent text flowing around the
align= position
Specify a style class controlling the appear-
ance of the frame.
class= name
If value is 1 , enable frame borders; if value is
0 , disable frame borders.
frameborder= value
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