HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Insert an image into the current text flow.
Align the image to the top , middle , bottom
(default), left , right , absmiddle , baseline , or
absbottom of the text.
align= type
Provide alternative text for nonimage-cap-
able browsers.
alt= text
Set the pixel thickness of the border around
images contained within hyperlinks.
border= n
Add playback controls for embedded video
Specify the URL of a video clip to be dis-
dynsrc= url
height= n
Specify the height of the image in scan lines.
Specify the space, in pixels, to be added to
the left and right of the image.
hspace= n
Indicate that the image is mouse-selectable
when used within an <a> tag.
Provide the URL of a document describing
the image.
longdesc= url
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