HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Microsoft uses the terms Metro style and Metro-style app . I can't bring myself to
use these awkward terms, so I am just going to refer to Metro and Metro apps . I'll leave you to
mentally insert style as needed.
Creating the Project
To create the example project, start Visual Studio 11 and select New Project, either from the
File menu or from the link on the start page. In the New Project dialog, navigate to Installed
Templates JavaScript Windows Metro style. Select the Blank Application template, set
the name of the project to be MetroGrocer, and click the OK button to create the project, as
shown in Figure 1-2 . If this is the first time that you have used Visual Studio, then you will be
prompted to obtain a developer license and perform some other initial configuration steps.
Figure 1-2. Creating the example project
Visual Studio includes templates preconfigured for some basic project scenarios. They
are not much use, and, to my mind at least, they direct the programmer down a path that doesn't
reflect the strengths of HTML5 and JavaScript. I recommend starting with a blank project and
building your app from the ground up, which is the approach I have taken in this topic.
The Solution Explorer shows the contents of the project, which you can see in Figure 1-3 .
The References folder contains the Microsoft JavaScript and CSS files that are required
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