HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 1-1. The example application
Listing 1-1. A Code Fragment
if (e.kind == {
hese fragments make it easier for me to pack more code into the topic, but they make fol-
lowing along with the examples in isolation by typing them into Visual Studio more difficult. If
you do want to follow the examples, then the best way is to download the source code for this
topic from he code is available for free and includes a complete Visual Studio
project for every chapter in the topic, which means you'll always be able to see the big picture.
I have focused on introducing new techniques and avoid showing you what you already
know. A causality of this approach is CSS style sheets. CSS classes are very repetitive and ver-
bose, and I don't want to waste time by listing endless reams of styles when I could be showing
you something more interesting. You can find all of the CSS in the source code download if you
want to make your projects look identical to the example project.
Getting Up and Running
In this section, I will create the project for the example Metro application that I will build up
throughout the topic. he application is a simple grocery list tracker; it's a tool that is simple
enough to complete in this short topic but that has enough features to demonstrate the most
important aspects of Metro-style development.
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