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Uh, I think you forgot
to style the elixirs and
directions pages?
Getting the lounge style into the
elixirs and directions pages
It's great that we've added all this style to “lounge.html”, but what
about “elixir.html” and “directions.html”? They need to have a look
that is consistent with the main page. Easy enough…just copy the style
element and all the rules into each file, right? Not so fast . If you did that,
then whenever you needed to change the style of the site, you'd have to
change every single file —not what you want. But luckily, there is a better
way. Here's what you're going to do:
Take the rules in “lounge.html” and place
them in a file called “lounge.css”.
Create an external link to this file from
your “lounge.html” file.
Create the same external links in “elixir.html”
and “directions.html”.
Give all three files a good test drive.
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