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The Case of Brute Force Versus Style
When we last left RadWebDesign in Chapter 4, they had just
blown the corporate demo and lost RobotsRUs's business.
CorrectWebDesign was put in charge of the entire RobotsRUs
site and got to work getting everything nailed down before the
site launch later in the month. But you'll also remember that
RadWebDesign decided to bone up on their HTML and CSS.
They decided to rework the RobotsRUs site on their own, using
proper HTML and stylesheets, just to get some experience
under their belt before they took on another consulting job.
As fate would have it, just before RobotsRUs's big site launch,
it happened again: RobotsRUs called CorrectWebDesign
with an urgent message. “We're changing our corporate look
and we need all the colors, backgrounds, and fonts changed on
our site.” At this point, the site consisted of almost 100 pages, so
CorrectWebDesign responded that it would take them a few days
to rework the site. “We don't have a few days!” the CEO said.
Desperate, the CEO decided to call in RadWebDesign for help.
“You flubbed up the demo last month, but we really need your help.
Can you help the CorrectWebDesign guys convert the site over to
the new look and feel?” RadWebDesign said they could do better
than that; in fact, they could deliver the entire site to them in less
than an hour.
How did RadWebDesign go from disgrace to web page
superheroes? What allowed them to change the look and
feel of 100 pages faster than a speeding bullet?
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