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or fi t information to your dimension, change the dimension's classifi cation (ref-
erence, basic, and so on), or declare the dimension to be an inspection dimen-
sion. You can also access the Edit Dimension dialog box by double-clicking the
dimension text.
Text This function lets you add text around the dimension, but it also offers
the ability to change the formatting of the text's appearance.
Arrange Arrange is available only if your dimension set includes multiple
dimensions. If you delete a member of the set, Arrange allows you to quickly
reposition the remaining dimensions into their proper locations.
Make Origin A baseline dimension is useful because all the dimensions refer-
ence one origin. Make Origin changes the origin for a dimension set without
your having to re-create the dimension set.
Add Member After you've created a dimension set, you can use Add Member to
include new geometry in the dimension set. The new dimension automatically
locates itself and rearranges other dimensions if need be.
Detach Member When you use Detach Member, you're separating one of the
dimensions in the set so it can be edited as though it were placed on its own. This
is very helpful if you want to create a dimension set with many members, of which
a handful need a different precision or appearance.
Delete Member This removes the dimension from the set and deletes it from
the screen. The remaining dimensions don't automatically reposition them-
selves, so it's common to use the Arrange tool after deleting a member.
Putting the Dimension Editing Tools to Work
Now, let's make a few changes to the dimensions to get a feel for some of the
1. Zoom in on the back view of the assembly.
2. Double-click the 5.20 dimension.
3. In the Edit Dimension dialog, pick the Precision and Tolerance tab,
and select Reference from the Tolerance Method list. See Figure 4.62.
4. Click OK to update the dimension.
5. Double-click the 5.00 dimension.
6. Set Tolerance Method to Symmetric.
7. Set Primary Unit to 3.123 (three place decimal).
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