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FIGURE 4.61 The Edit dimension context menu
Copy Properties This function allows you to capture the appearance and preci-
sion information of any dimension or dimension group and transfer it directly to
another dimension or dimensions in the drawing. The behavior is much like the
format painter you'll fi nd in many Windows applications.
Options This fl y-out has tools under it that are specifi c to the type of dimension
you're editing. For example, the options for a radial dimension can force the
dimension's leader to be jogged or force Arrowheads Inside. The options for a lin-
ear dimension offer the ability to disable either arrowhead or place the dimension
text on a leader so it can be more easily read.
Precision When you place a dimension, its Precision setting is based on the
active dimension style. Although most of the model may have the same preci-
sion, it's often necessary to give some dimensions more or less precision than
the others. This fl y-out allows you to override the precision of the dimension
style for one that is more suitable for the geometry or process that will be used
to create it.
Edit This offers several options. When the dialog box fi rst opens, the value of
the dimension appears as a set of characters: <<>>. These characters indicate
that Inventor is obtaining the value of the dimension from the model's actual
geometry. If the geometry changes, this value does as well. By checking Hide
Dimension Value, you can place substitute text on the dimension, but its value
won't change with the part. You can also add text before or after the value for
annotation purposes. The other tabs in the dialog box allow you to add tolerance
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