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16. Click the Add Text Parameter button to place the value in the dialog
box. Compare your dialog to Figure 4.25, and click OK to accept the
FIGURE 4.25 Adding a physical property to the title block
17. To save your work, right-click in an open part of the Design window
and choose Save Title Block. You're prompted to verify that you want
to save the edits.
18. Click Yes to save the changes.
The title block in your drawing is still the old title block and there-
fore doesn't show any changes.
19. Under Sheet:1, delete the ANSI - Large title block.
20. Under Drawing Resources, right-click the new NER title block, and
select Insert to place it in the drawing.
By default, all the various linework in an Inventor drawing is black
on a light background. Many people want to include more color. To
show you the basics of how to do this, let's change a few things in the
21. Click the Annotate tab on the Format panel, and click the Edit
Layers tool.
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