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Doing so opens the Style and Standard Editor dialog. Basically, it's
the same dialog you used to create the sheet metal rule in Chapter 2,
“Building the Foundation of the Design.” The dialog displays the
options that are available for modifying layers in the space on the
right. A small pencil icon appears next to the Hidden (ANSI) layer,
showing that it's active for editing. Let's make some modifi cations to
a couple of layers.
22. Click the black rectangle in the Hidden (ANSI) row. This launches a
color-selection menu. Pick red for the layer's new color, as shown in
Figure 4.26.
FIGURE 4.26 It's simple to modify colors, linetypes, and line widths for
23. Click OK to accept the new color selection.
24. Use the same process to change the color of the Hidden Narrow
(ANSI) layer to red.
25. Change the Center Mark (ANSI) and Centerline (ANSI) layers to
green, the Dimension (ANSI) layer to blue, and the Hatch layer to
orange. See Figure 4.27 as a reference.
26. Save the changes, and click Done to close the dialog box.
Because Inventor is based on standards and you've edited the stan-
dard by modifying the layer properties, you need to save the changes
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