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3. Set the Material for the component to Steel, and update its Mass
Properties by clicking the Apply button.
4. Close the iProperties dialog, save the component into the Parts
folder, and name it Bearing Holder.ipt .
That's the whole part, at least for now. A little later, you'll add a bore to the part
in the context of an assembly. You're not adding the component now because the
bore needs to be added after the bearing holder has been welded to the plate you're
about to create; this will allow for material distortion. Welding could warp the
part, and you need to have a round bore to insert a bearing cleanly.
Building the Bearing Plate
Now, let's use a technology that has been in Inventor for a few years and that
quickly creates regular shapes. You can place features from the Content Center
rather than drawing them:
1. Create a new fi le using the Standard (in).ipt template.
2. Click the Finish Sketch tool to get out of the new sketch.
3. Switch the Ribbon to the Manage tab, and select the Place Feature
from Content Center tool in the Insert panel.
Doing so launches the dialog box shown in Figure 4.4, where you
can select features. The features are sorted fi rst by English or Metric
units, then by geometry, and fi nally by whether the feature adds
material or removes material from the component.
FIGURE 4.4 The Place Feature from Content Center dialog box
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