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M-5 Audio Connectors (Continued)
Neutrik speaker connectors
Be careful when mixing balanced and unbalanced audio. Use a Balun transformer
if you can.
Gender switching adapters for XLR connectors can be a life saver. Get some for
your toolkit.
The standard jack sometimes isn't. While the plug fits into the throat of the socket,
it may be a little too long or short to engage properly with the sprung connector
inside the socket. Having several different manufacturers' jack plugs on your
cables means you can try another cable to see if it is any better.
Pulling the jack out by a distance of 0.5 mm sometimes engages the connector
more reliably. Having some fibre or plastic washers that fit over the jack plug shaft
might help you do this without having to hold the plug yourself. A rubber band
might do the trick too.
Some cables sold for musicians to connect guitars to their laptop audio inputs
might be useful for solving a connection problem between your audio equipment
and the computer.
Cheap audio-to-USB adapters are becoming more widely available. These are sold
in music shops for connecting analog instruments directly to the USB bus.
Refer to the AES web site for downloadable specifications on audio connectors.
Communications and Networking Connectors
These connectors are used for telecoms, MIDI, and networking.
Audio Engineering Society (AES):
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