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Don't lose your camera cables. They are very expensive to replace, because you
can only get them from the camera manufacturer and they or the dealer will over-
charge for them (because they have to be ordered as a special item).
If it doesn't fit, don't force it. It is possible to jam some connectors in the wrong
way round if you push them hard enough. They should be a snug fit and feel
'right' when you plug them in. Forcing cables in the wrong way can supply high
voltages where they shouldn't go or reverse the polarity of something. Putting
power supply voltages down signal lines probably permanently damages the
equipment and the damage happens so quickly that your reflexes won't be quick
enough to unplug it in time.
Very short FireWire patch cables are very hard to come by. Half a meter is usually
the shortest you can buy in shops. Patch cables that are just a few inches long are
handy for keeping the rear of your computer system neat and tidy. Likewise with
all the other cables. Keep them as short as you can.
Audio Connectors
The plugs and sockets shown in Table M-5 are predominantly analog audio connections.
M-5 Audio Connectors
Quarter-inch standard jack
Bantam jack
Mini jack (3.5mm)
Combined quarter-inch jack and XLR
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