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Table G-2 MPEG-4 Part 2 Natural Visual Profiles
Straightforward encoding of rectangular content at low bit
rates for use on mobile systems.
Simple Scalable
Provides additional support for multiple quality streams
being delivered simultaneously and allows for spatial and
temporal scaling.
Advanced Simple (v2a)
An additional simple profile with extra features for 2D support.
Fine Granularity
An enhanced scalable profile with support for 2D structures.
Scalable (v2a)
Advanced Real-Time
Provides additional coding supported by messages received
Simple (v2)
from the player so as to code in real time for videophone
Adds arbitrarily shaped video objects to the Simple profile
and is aimed at more interactive scenarios.
Core Scalable (v2)
Allows regions of the object to be scaled spatially, temporally,
and with the SNR scaling described in MPEG-2.
Interlaced video support, sprites, and transparency of objects
are added to the Core profile.
Where the video may have unusually low or high bit depths,
this profile adds 4 to 12-bit video support to the Core profile.
Advanced Coding
Very efficient coding support for acquisition devices such as
Efficiency (v2)
cameras, scanners, and video digitizers.
Simple Studio
Designed for use in studio environments.
Core Studio
Designed for higher-quality production use.
Synthetic Visual Profiles
The synthetic video profiles support more structured descriptions of the moving images.
These will be useful in the future but are not considered in the discussions on encoding
normal linear video.
Table G-3 MPEG-4 Part 2 Synthetic Visual Profiles
Simple Facial Animation
Provides all the information that is needed to construct a
simple facial model, perhaps to implement an avatar.
Simple Face and Body
Facial animation plus additional support for bodies.
Animation (v2)
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