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B-1 Particularly Interesting Envivio Products (Continued)
A platform for deploying MPEG-4 BIFS packages via an integral EG
and service-management portal.
MPEG-4 BIFS editing tools for authoring interactive MPEG-4 content.
Software-driven, real-time control server for managing multiple
encoder and streaming-server systems at an IPTV head-end.
Hamlet makes a variety of useful monitoring tools. The most intriguing is a palm-top
waveform monitor that is small enough to carry around in your toolkit for diagnosing
problems in the field.
Leivio Technologies
Leivio is an example of how the compression industry is attracting both small and large
companies. Make sure to look at the smaller companies' offerings. Sometimes they have
some innovative features that may be useful, and they are often very cost-effective. Leivio is
just such a company that builds a no-frills product that simply does what it says on the box.
The Optibase Moviemaker 200S is a plug-in card that works with Power Mac G5 systems
running Mac OS. It is designed to encode MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 for DVD, SVCD, and VCD
products. The encoding is good up to 10 Mbps with remote control of the source VTR and
Dolby Digital audio pass-through. This card also supports variable bit-rate encoding and
scene detection.
The MovieMaker 400 is an alternative, higher-spec unit for encoding MPEG-4 content
and currently only works with the Windows operating system.
This manufacturer produces the Merlin05 plug-in PCI card that handles hardware com-
pression. Currently it encodes and decodes MPEG-2 and DV and is supported on
Windows, Linux, Irix, Solaris, and Mac OS X.
Snell & Wilcox
The Snell & Wilcox group supplies a wide range of hardware for broadcast and professional
use. Of particular interest is its new range of standards-conversion and restoration hardware
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