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their own cards. AJA also makes a useful range of podule adapters and rack-mount con-
vertors, as well as the Io range of FireWire interfaces.
Belkin makes all those useful little add-on gadgets and PCI card plug-ins that sort out
problems. If you blow up a FireWire interface on a Macintosh computer, plug in a Belkin
PCI FireWire card and save yourself the cost of an expensive logic board repair. The com-
pany makes a range of products for iPods as well.
Blackmagic Design
This company was founded by Grant Petty, who used to be involved with Digital Voodoo.
Blackmagic has introduced video cards at prices that the industry is totally stunned by. It is
possible to OEM these cards into systems and build broadcast-quality infrastructure for
costs that are several orders of magnitude less than they would have been several years ago.
Blackmagic Design has begun to diversify into workgroup video products for switching
and routing. This company will be well worth watching at future IBC and NAB exhibitions.
There is a lot to like about Envivio as a company. Its products are innovative and right at
the leading edge. The company has been involved in MPEG-4 standards-based compres-
sion systems since the standards were published, and probably before that. Envivio has
some hardware- and software-based solutions to MPEG-4 coding. It is also one of very few
companies with competence and products that support the MPEG-4 Part 1 systems layer.
This positions Envivio very well to take advantage of all that the MPEG-4 standard has to
offer. If you go with a standards-based approach, you should examine this company's
product offerings to see if they provide what you need.
Be sure to check out the following Envivio products:
B-1 Particularly Interesting Envivio Products
Broadcast that encodes MPEG-4 ASP and AVC (H.264) in real time for
media transport and IPTV. An enterprise version is also available and a
mobile version supports encoding for 3GPP mobile phones.
A non-real-time encoder for IPTV and enterprise applications.
An MPEG-4 decoder for PAL and NTSC video.
MPEG-4 and H.264 streaming server for broadcast and broadband
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