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based on its Alchemist and Archangel Ph.C architecture. Demonstrations of this system
showed some remarkable ability to restore old footage. Very badly damaged material was
rendered usable again with the following artifacts being dealt with very effectively:
Gate weave
The reasonable cost of the system as well as the processing speed mean that footage
that would not previously have merited restoration can be processed and presented in a
form that is possibly better even than when it was shot.
This system is designed to cope with 525- and 625-line originated content and is rel-
evant to organizations with a large amount of archived material to process.
The range and scope of products available from Tektronix have always been very large.
Test signal generation, monitoring, and processing systems are all available. Tektronix also
provides a lot of useful white papers covering the technical aspects of digital TV systems.
The Grass Valley ViBE encoder will create MPEG-4 output and is designed to offer reliable
bandwidth management.. This targets it at the broadcast end of the business where it
might be installed as part of a head-end feeding a digital TV service.
VBrick Systems
VBrick Systems has been developing encoder products for some time. The company sup-
plies MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 encoders that operate at a variety of standards and resolutions.
ViewCast (Osprey and Niagra)
The ViewCast Osprey video cards have been used with Windows-based video systems for
some years now. RealNetworks endorses them and provides a sales outlet to use them as
part of the RealVideo encoding systems. The Osprey 100 is a low-cost PCI card that works
with most Windows operating system variants. For more professional systems, the Osprey
500 may be more suitable.
Viewcast also make the SCX software and the Niagra encoder hardware systems.
These provide encoder management and storage for the encoded video.
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