Image Processing Reference
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Ingesting Your Source Content
Well, it should be obvious that you can't compress video until you have some in your sys-
tem. You must either provide a means of ingesting it yourself or have someone else do it
for you. Small outfits will be shooting and inputting content on their own, whereas larger
organizations may be receiving feeds from outside.
Preparing Your Content for Easy Encoding
There are many benefits to be gained by preparing your content beforehand so that it is
more efficiently compressed.
Apply these rules when shooting video for compression. They will all affect your
source quality for the better:
Use the best cameras available.
Put the best-quality tape in them that you can afford.
Lock down your camera on a tripod and keep it still.
Avoid panning the camera.
Avoid zooming in or out.
Make sure your live-sound recording is as free of background noise as possible.
Stand your presenter in front of a stationary background.
Have the presenter dress in solid-colored clothing. Patterned jackets cause moiré
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