Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Local or Global Scope
Knowing whether the tool you are using applies an effect globally throughout a whole
movie file is important. Sometimes you will want to apply the process just to a localized
portion of the footage, or perhaps you want to apply the processing differently in each part
of the movie. You must use tools that allow key-frame control of the parameters if that is
the case. Experience will teach you how to import and export footage between tools in
a non-destructive way. Moving the footage in and out of the tools should not perform
any processing as part of that export unless you have told the tool to do that. You should
keep control of what is going on and allow the system to intervene only under your super-
What's Next
The next step is to import some video into the system. We'll try that in the next chapter.
Now that we know the implications of the footage we just shot or edited, we have some
idea whether it is going to be compressible. Or at least we'll understand why it looks hor-
rible when we try to compress it.
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