Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Combining the systems discussed in Chapter 29 with the software from this chapter
should result in a totally killer video workstation and compression system.
While you may be interested only in compression today, video rendering, editing,
and manipulation are part of a process that precedes compression. Having an appreciation
for these other arts will help your compression processes because you will have additional
skills and tools to bring to bear on the video you are compressing.
The result should be a far higher quality of output than what you get when you just
“whack” it through a coder without any attention to detail.
Table 30-12 summarizes the tools you should select as priorities for coding particu-
lar formats.
Table 30-12 Optimum Coding Tools
Optimum production solution
Real Networks
Real Networks encoder running on Linux or Windows. On the
Mac OS platform, consider the Real Networks QuickTime
plug-in as a priority item to install. You could also buy the
version 3 Popwire Technology Compression Master
application if you want to code RealVideo on Mac OS X.
Windows Media
Windows Media tools running on Windows XP. As of the fall
of 2004, you should also check out the Telestream Flip4Mac
codec plug-in that includes an encoder for Windows Media
that runs on Mac OS X. The Popwire Compression Master 3 is
also a candidate for Windows Media production on Mac OS X.
Sorenson Squeeze 4 running on Mac OS 10.4 or Windows XP
(a.k.a. QuickTime video)
QuickTime-based codecs
Any QuickTime-compatible application running on Mac OS
MPEG-4 Part 2
Sorenson is considered to be one of the best coders for this.
Cleaner or QuickTime as reserves might be appropriate.
Platform is probably irrelevant, but bear in mind this might
become a deprecated codec as H.264 encoders mature.
Best quality is obtained with Envivio products, but for a more
modest budget use QuickTime on Mac OS 10.4 or Sorenson
Squeeze 4 on Mac OS or Windows XP. Be prepared to install
updates, as this is still a maturing codec and only the initial
releases of products are currently available.
Can be created with many of the available tools. The format is
very mature. Use Apple Compressor on Mac OS. The easy
choice is Cleaner XL on Windows.
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