Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
If you want to encode Windows Media on a large scale, buy Windows XP and run
the tools on that. It is unrealistic to do it on any non-Windows platform until or unless the
SDK is revised so that it is complete on all platforms. The Telestream plug-in may negate
that argument in the future, though, because it allows workflows to be built on Mac OS X
for the production of Windows Media content.
My Favorite?
If I were to express a preference, it would be for the Popwire tools, especially the
Compression Master encoding product. It is very easy to use and yet is potentially the
most powerful of all the encoding applications, scaling from a single desktop to an enter-
prise-sized server solution. Popwire Compression Master is available only on Mac OS, and
to get a comparable experience on the Windows operating system, you should consider
the Telestream Flip Factory application and its related tools.
Can't Wait Any Longer
You've been very patient all this time while we've looked at a whole raft of issues that sur-
round video compression, and I know that you are just bursting to begin compressing
some content.
Well, in the next chapter that's what we are going to start doing! We'll prepare some
content and in the following chapters we'll carry out the preprocessing. Then, finally, we'll
have that coded video delivered.
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