Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Silicon Graphics Irix 6.5
Silicon Graphics Irix 6.3
Sun Microsystems Solaris 2.6 (Sparc)
Sun Microsystems Solaris 7 (Sparc)
Linux 2.x (libc6 i386)
Linux 2.x (libc6 i386) RPM
HP-UX 11
Unixware 7 (i386)
All of the currently shipping CPU types are supported, and just about any combina-
tion of OS and hardware that you'll likely encounter is covered.
The Helix initiative was created by Real Networks when they published the source
code for their player and streaming server as an open-source project. This has enabled
other people to take that player and server and add extra features. Real Networks is then
able to absorb those changes and improve their own products.
Figure 24-2 and Figure 24-3 show two view of what the Helix player looks like on
Linux. You can see that some alternative appearance themes can be used to change the
Figure 24-2 Helix movie player on Linux.
Helix web site:
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