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Figure 24-1 RealOne player.
The player is available in several alternative formats. The free version supports fewer
features. It used to be quite hard to find, but lately the link has been prominently dis-
played on the front page of the RealOne player site.
Cross-Platform Portability for Players
The Real Networks products are a good solution for general streaming and video-delivery
tasks. They have a wide portfolio of products available. The support is very good on
Windows, and some tools also work well on Linux. There are other alternative compatible
players for Real Networks video available for Linux. The Real Networks experience on
Mac OS has been much improved in recent times.
If you want to run a “user-supported” player, then Real Networks offers just about
the widest possible platform support of all the major streamed-video companies. Real
Networks players are supported on the following platforms:
Linux/Alpha (Debian)
Linux/Alpha (Red Hat 6.2)
Linux/Sparc (Red Hat 6.2)
Linux/PPC 2000
RealOne player:
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