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Figure 24-3 Alternative appearance of Helix player.
Mobile Deployment
The Helix player is an alternative to using the Kinoma player on some mobile and PDA
platforms. The Helix web site contains examples of the player being used on the Symbian
mobile operating system. Figure 24-4 is an example of what the player looks like in that
Interactivity Support in RealPlayer
With the Real Networks player, you can construct some very rich interactive propositions.
These can include multimedia developed with the following technologies:
HTML and JavaScript
ActiveX controls (only on Windows platforms)
Macromedia Flash
The JavaScript control offers some very sophisticated possibilities. The player plug-
in is accessible to scripts contained in a web page. Real Networks also supports URLs
embedded inside the movies. JavaScript URLs call back to script functions in the enclos-
ing web page to trigger actions at appropriate times during the movie playback.
By adding extra support such as the Envivio TV plug-in, your Real Networks player
also supports MPEG-4 Part 1 systems-layer multimedia content. This is similar to wired
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