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add an embellishment when the map pops up. You can
even add text explaining what the visitor is looking at.
Select all the text on the pasteboard
( CTRL - A ) and copy the code ( CTRL - C ).
Select the rectangle object you created
and click the Placeholder button and
then click the Replace With HTML Code
option. Paste ( CTRL - V ) the code into the
field below the Replace button. Click
Apply. Keep the tabbed window open.
Hide the Popup Layer by clicking its
eye icon on the Object Gallery. With the
Selector Tool, select the pick. Click the
Link tab, click the Popup Layer option,
and then choose MouseOverPopup1
from the drop-down list. Click Apply and
you're good to go. Click OK to close the
box. Figure 11-2 shows what the preview
looks like.
If you want to get into this Google Map pop-up technique
on your own, add tour dates all over the world for The Bangers
until they get jet lag. You know the technique now, and you can
also use the MouseDownPopup1 attribute so a map doesn't
pop up until the visitor actually clicks the location guitar
pick button. Successive pop-up windows can be declared by
adding the following number in the sequence after the last p in
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