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When the map appears in the window, you'll see above
it that you have a Link option; click the underscored
word and a box appears where the code is listed for
embedding the HTML code into a placeholder on
the website you're building. Insert your cursor into
the bottom of the two fields; the text is automatically
highlighted. Press CTRL - C and you can close the browser
now and return to the tour page.
You won't use the code just yet; create a text frame with
the Text Tool (diagonal-drag with the tool) on the page's
pasteboard and then press CTRL - V .
On the Object Gallery, click the top layer title (for the
tour.html page) to let Xara know you want to create a
new layer (and not a new page); then click New.
The name field is open for editing. Type,
exactly ,
MouseOverPopup1 . This new layer needs to be directly
above the Tour Button layer. If it isn't, move the Popup
Layer up or down (as needed) in the list by dragging it
until it's above the Tour Button layer.
Create a rectangle on this layer over the Pick button,
hiding it—this is the position of the pop-up window.
Although the rectangle is a placeholder for the map,
you can put anything you like behind the rectangle to
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