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That's it. If you choose to preview the website now, you can
interact with the Rollover button. Clicking down on it will take
you to the (hardly completed) Tour Map page.
You can store link buttons in separate Xara files as long as the links specified are external. If
you create internally linked buttons (by creating dummy pages in the link button file), it's very
hard to import the buttons, because a new page is created with the buttons—they cannot be
placed without then cutting and pasting.
External Links for Sales and Publicity
Bands and other groups frequently set up spaces on social
networks, multiplying their efforts to publicize events. BSL is no
exception; open social network links.xar and copy the appropriate
text to the Clipboard. Then one at a time, click a graphic, click the
Link button, click the Link To Web Address button, and paste the
copied address into the space. Click Apply. Once you've linked
all three buttons, copy them to the index page file and position
them in a row below the Flash movie placeholder.
There is also a two-state button of an orange that peels itself
when the visitor hovers over it. From the Designs Gallery, drag
the orange.xar thumbnail onto the index page and position it
below the guitar. The link to BSL's store to listen to the CD they
offer (and to buy it) has already been made for this graphic. The
index page is complete; it's time to move on to finishing the
Tour Map page.
The Tour Guide Google Map Page
In the following sections you'll see how to display outside
content on your website. The content comes up in-place, and
visitors don't move off your web page. You'll learn how to find,
copy, and place Widget code and create a Popup layer in Xara
so the background of the page remains persistent.
Google Maps on your Website
Google has done extensive mapping of our world and has
collected satellite photography which:
Should scare private citizens with good reason.
Can be used on a website page via a link that contains
some code.
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