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The spacing between
Move the
justification mark
Tighten character spacing and
the space between the words
characters that fitted to a
curved path might be too
loose or too tight—in this
case, they're too loose. You
can use the Tracking arrows
on the Infobar to correct this:
with the text highlighted,
click the left arrow to tighten
the tracking to about -80
(or whatever you feel looks
good). Then highlight the
space between the two words
and tighten the tracking to
about -250. The text has a
polished look now.
Curves you fit text to have a top side and a bottom side. If you want the text, bound to a curve
on the opposite side of the path, right-click over it and then choose Reverse Text On Curve from
the pop-up menu.
Turning Fancy Text into a Logo
We're missing the word “The” in “The Quiet Spot,” and one
or two other modifications are needed to finish the front of the
booklet menu. A heavy version of Bodoni can complement the
treatment of the text cast in “Bangle.” Install BodoniHeavy
(BODONHE__.TTF) from the Fonts gallery if you installed
from the physical CD; click Get Fonts if you bought the
download version. Here's the deal: The “Quiet Spot” text could
be more subtle if you make the color similar to the background
of the coffee cup. To make it separate, you add a Wall Shadow
with a high Blur value. When cast in Bodoni Heavy, the word
“THE” has such high character recognition due to its weighty
strokes that if you partially hide it behind the “Quiet Spot” text,
it is still legible as the word “THE” and truly integrates to make
the text a handsome logo.
Zoom in. Then with the Selector Tool,
CTRL -click on the
arc outline, and then SHIFT -click the Set No Color icon to
the left of the Color Line to remove its appearance from
the composition. The arc is still there, but the path has
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