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Break the path at points
after simplifying the QuickShape to a
regular path.
Watch what your cursor looks like as you hover it near the
top of the arc. If there are cross hairs on the cursor, you're
not in position to click an insertion point for text that will
follow the arc's path. If the cursor only has an I-beam and
no cross hair, click and then type Quiet Spot .
No, you're going
to click a new
insertion point
Yes, text will
follow curve
CTRL - A to select all the text, and then on the
Infobar, choose Bangle from the Fonts drop-down list.
Then click the Center Justification button.
While the text is highlighted, type
72 in the Point Size
field and then press ENTER .
The text probably is not visually centered above the
wavy image objects, and this is quickly fixed. Look for
a red justification mark on the line the text is bound to.
With the Text Tool cursor, drag this mark to the left or
right; the cursor might not be on the dot after you start
dragging, but the text will move anyway.
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