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Adding Photorealism to the Text
In the steps to follow, you'll visually integrate the mirrored
bottom text into what will become a very rich illustration.
You're going to create an object that represents a mirror plane
but actually doesn't do anything at all except suggest the plane,
because the mirrored text is going to serve that purpose. Let's
do some editing now:
Select the mirrored bottom object and then press
SHIFT - C (Create A Bitmap Copy).
In the Create Bitmap options box, just make certain that
the Color Depth is set to True Color + Alpha and then
click Create (or press ENTER ).
You can delete the bottom mirrored ClipView shape now.
Position the bitmap so it almost touches the bottom of
the extruded text, and then press CTRL - B to put it behind
the text.
With the bitmap copy selected, choose the Photo Tool.
Drag the Sharpness slider all the way to the left.
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