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Extruding Multiple Items
It's time now to dimensionalize these shapes. Follow these steps
to extrude the objects in a proper perspective:
Select both objects and then choose the Extrude Tool.
CTRL - SHIFT (constraining the extrude to centered
horizontally and up and down motions only), and then
drag on the face of the top object downward to extrude
both selected objects in continuous perspective.
On the Infobar, with Extrude Depth chosen from the
Extrusion Parameters drop-down list, set the Extrude
Depth to about 50 by dragging the slider to the right.
Then set the Bevel type to 30° Bevel from the drop-
down list and make the bevel's size about 60 by
dragging its corresponding slider to the right.
Click the Extrusion Parameter drop-down box and choose
Perspective. Set the Perspective to about 54. Optionally,
click the Show Lights button on the Infobar and, one at a
time, drag the light
arrows to change
the lighting until
the text looks very
shiny. When you
select more than
one light, and then
you drag one, such
as the white one,
the other text's
light changes
identically. Take
a break for a
moment ( CTRL - S is
a good idea now).
Click the Show
Lights button to
toggle the lights
off when you're
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