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With the Ellipse Tool, drag an oval until it includes
the bottom bitmap and about half of the top ClipView
object. Fill it with 50% black, no outline, and then press
CTRL - B to send it to the back of the two text shapes.
Select the bitmap by using the Transparency Tool, and
then click and drag perfectly vertically on it (hold CTRL
if you need to constrain movement to the first direction
in which you move this and most Xara Xtreme tools).
Now choose the Stained Glass Transparency Type
on the Infobar. If necessary, adjust the start and end
transparency control points.
To complete the overall design, create a black rectangle
to fill the page size behind the shapes and give it an
elliptical gradient from near-white at the center to
near-black at the edges. Position the center so it eclipses
the top extruded text shape. This is simply a design
suggestion; there is no reason for this step other than
creating a nice artwork mood.
Suggest Bevel Edge Reflections
The front faces of the composition look terrific, but the bevel
edges of the extruded text looks more like plastic than metal.
The reflections from edges of metallic items are discontinuous
from the other faces; they catch and hide light in a manner
independent of the other faces. The good news is that the
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