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Double-click any corner to make this
QuickShape a rounded rectangle and then
adjust the roundness of the corner by
dragging on any rounded corner control
point. You can fill the head and torso with a
solid color for easier viewing now.
The arms can each be represented by two
rectangles; create and move them into
position as you just did with the torso.
Move their transformation centers, rotate
them, and then round the corners to a severe
extent so they look like capsules.
You should have four rectangles for the two
arms now. It's okay to move them a little
away from the mannequin to make a slightly stylized
anatomy. The mannequin is a reference for the pose and
not an absolute guide. These international symbols never
look exactly like humans.
Select both left-arm
rectangles and then click
the Add Shapes button on
the Arrange control bar.
You can fill the result shape
with a solid color now. Do
the same with the right-arm
Select both arms and the
torso. Click the Add Shapes
button. Because the torso
inherits the properties of
the top shape, the entire
torso and arm shapes are
now filled.
Create the legs exactly as
you did with the arms. With
the legs selected, press
CTRL - B to put them to the
back of the layer, and then
use the Add Shapes button to make the legs and torso
one object. The resulting shape inherits the fill.
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