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Chapter 4
Where to Sleep (Hotels, Hostels, Tips, &
Real estate is extremely expensive in New York City. Most locals spend 50% of their salaries
on rent. Although you're not in the market for purchasing, you should take into considera-
tion that if land and property is expensive, the rent or hotel will be expensive. The closer the
hotel/hostel is from major attractions, the pricier it will become. Below, you'll find insider
tips on where to look, some great hotel listings to consider for any budget, and where else to
look to suit your travel needs.
This guide only lists well-recommended accommodations. Be sure to do your research and
take the tips into consideration before purchasing.
Proximity to the Subway
Most hotels will advertise that they are in close proximity to bars, shops, and attractions.
The lower the price, the lesser the truth behind that statement. The most important things a
tourist should look at is the close proximity to where they want to go, the ratings and com-
ments from past travelers, and the actual distance from public transit. Even the prestigious
Waldorf Astoria hotel had a case of bed bugs! Read the reviews and call the hotel for any
questions before you book. You can purchase a stay at a beautiful water's edge hotel, but if
you don't want to walk four long avenues in the frigid cold when you're planning a trip in
the winter, you may want to rethink location.
You Don't Have to Spend $400+ A Night to Find a Great
Thanks to the subway systems and other public transport, you don't need to stay in the
heart of Midtown Manhattan. Staying somewhere off the beaten track is exciting and always
makes for a good story! As we've said before, the farther away you move from popular tour-
ist attractions (let's say Times Square), the cheaper the price will be. The further you get to
the water, the cheaper the price will be (because you have to walk further to transportation).
If you're planning to have an active nightlife and don't want to walk (or want to wear a pair
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