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of killer heels) keep in mind that taxicabs can add up and add up quick. If you're willing to
compensate a less expensive hotel for more money in cab rides, then by all means-the hotel
options are YOUR Oyster!
Take Advantage of Hotel Deals
From Travelzoo to Hotwire to Groupon to Kayak, there are enough travel sites to give you
whiplash. When looking at hotels, do your research and find the best deal. Websites such
as offer refunds if you find a cheaper price. Hotwire offer's “Hotel Roulette”
which means you pay the price, find the area, and they'll match you with a hotel of that
value or greater. Do your research and you'll be happy to save the extra $$$
Budget, Budget, Budget
Yes, it may be your vacation, but budgeting cannot hurt. When people think of New York
City, they think of the posh, SoHo loft apartments, sprawling from one end of the block
to the next with amazing skyline views. Let's be realistic. Most locals don't live like that,
and most hotels don't have rooms like those unless you're willing to spend the big bucks.
Lower your expectations and plan your budget. If you don't have a view, don't sweat it!
Many hotels offer rooftop bars so you can get those sprawling views of the city. Save a
little and you'll be glad when you did when you get your dinner bill.
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